This is my online journal about my life here in America as a wife,Mother, and as a working woman.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cho-CHo Train

Swing at the Zoo

Im not really into heights and rides these are my weakness, But this afternoon hubby asked me to go with Patty on the swing, im thinking will this can be fun coz its just a slow ride but i didnt see it closely when its moving how fast it would turn.. I almost puke on myself.. i swear not to ride it again..

Carousel Ride

This is one of my Patty's favorite ride of all , now that they got a few rides she still asked Daddy for her carousel ride...I took a short clip of my Patty and Daddy..

Boat Ride@ the ZOO

So many things to do at Columbus Zoo, aside from seeing all our favorite animals there's so many rides that the kids and adult can enjoy..One of the things we did today was riding this boat...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Whole New World

After the busy day we had today we still managed to sing and she asked me for the whole new world and she sung a few lines then acted like she is shy although shes not..Then as usual i got my digi cam took a short clip enjoy watching

Playing with Hap

After weeding and water our garden and flower beds we decided to get a Chinese food for dinner then stopped at Auntie Jean's house to see Hap short for Happy. Its Auntie Jean's new addition to her family a usual i took a pictures and video of my Girl..

Swinging away

Today is one of the day that i dont have to work, I got low census at work so we decided to just goof of around our backyard, we just did weeding in our flower beds and water the garden while Patty's playing at her swing..I took my digital cam and capture the moment with my little fabulous girly

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Patty Caught a butterfly


Summer is fun but can't stand the heat here's our picture swimming
Patty and I adore the pool we can stay all day long

Best thing to beat the heat this summer is to jump on the pool and have fun with the water

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ballet pre style

Chicago Visit

This picture was taken outside of Amy and Dans Condo
This is the train THE L
Caregiver kaayoa ng dating oi with my Aunt and the old lady she work with
Then we tried the Indonesian Cuisine very good

The Bean

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing the waves Jersey Shore

New Jersey with my Mom brother

I took a time off from work went to New jersey to met my younger brother Jr and also to visit Patty's older brother Eric. It was a short visit with my brother but everything went well and we really enjoyed seeing him here for the first time...we took a bunch of photos for my my family in Davao to share.
Taken inside our hotel room with Jr
Brother Eric posing with his Trophy
Jr in his cabin

1 of our many stop over at Mikides Patty's Favorite