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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Making Cassava Cake

Picture...Picture .....

Steve woke me and Patty up to see how beautiful all our trees outside covered with snow... So before goint to church this morning we goof off we took pictures that we can send to our family in the Philippines coz we knew that they will enjoy snow even if its just a picture...
Patty look at the Camera

Daddy and patty playing

Patty by herself sledding

Mommy and Patty On a sled

Snowball Fight

We went Sledding

Going up the hill again...Keep it up Dad...

Here in Ohio we get the chance to enjoy the diffirent season, Winter is not my favorite season but thanks God for allowing me to experienced the beauty of winter.. So yesterday we went sledding and its my first time to go sledding down the hill...It was scary at first since the hill is so steep,, Patty was not scared at all she wants to do it by herself..And loved to plays snowball fights with her daddy...
Pose before sleding down the Hill.....

Her pose with her own handsome....

Patty's Favorite Movie

Disney On Ice

Outside Nationwide Arena
Behind Patty is the Skating Rink w/ Minnie Mouse ears

It was my first time At Nationwide Arena to see Disney on Ice..Its like a family day for us yesterday we had such a fun time seeing all the Disney Princess's, Goofy , Mickey and Minnie Mouse...Hubby was hesitant at first he thought the show is only for Patty but after the show he told me he really had a good time and that it was a great show...Our Patty never blink she was amazed with all the characters. we are not allowed to talk she will say hush and obcourse me singing some of the theme song she told me i dont want you to sing mommy...She kept saying thank you daddy for taking me there....
Patty always call her Daddy my Prince Charming

Mommy and Daughter Duo ,Daddy's Girls......

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rock Climbing

Patty Sliding of a Zip Tie

Lately Patty has been busy with all her class in ballet and gymnastic aside from going to library.. I cant believe how much she has grown in the last 3 years.. and you dont know what to expect from her coz every single day she is so funny you dont know what might come out in her mouth....Jokes a lot of jokes ..funny words that makes us laugh.

Here's our instructor and my Daddy ready to go Rock Climbing

Shes ready to slide down on that rope........

Helping Daddy making her valentines Card for her Awana Class

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Family Photo

Well unfortunately we don't have a family photo so my sister make this one out from our old photos i really like it but she didn't include our hubbies and pattylu so she told me next time tehy will be included in the pictures.. From left our eldest Arnold, Next Jr our youngest, yours truly, Ana with her famous smile, 2nd to the eldest Bernard...And si Papa og Mama

Disney Princess on Ice

I was so excited yesterday finally we got our 3 tickets to see Disney on Ice, Patty keep telling us she wants to see that show so daddy did a search in the internet then bought a 3 tickets..I am counting the days now its only like a 2 weeks wait..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our library moments

Oh diva ang gara ni Patty parang totoo

One of Patty's favorite place to go this days is going to the LIBRARY, she gets very excited every time we mention going there, her first day at the story time she was a bit hesitant to participate so i told her that if you dont want to go up there and listen and sing and dance then we will be going home, finally she said ok mommy i are the pictures after the story time...

Feeling nya lang may "A" sa sa Computer

Thanks Sis

Thanks to the computer technology these days it makes life easier you can share picture and videos in an instants .. I've been sending pictures to my family as often as i could and they took their favorite Photos of Patty and here it is..
Their favorite pictures from last year

My sister and my Brother -in-law

Foggy and Rainy Tuesday

Today wasnt the best day to be out but no choice for us ,woke up early for Patty's Balet class then we stopped at the nearby park the Blue Limestone Park its not too bad once you take a walk and then get breakfast at Tim Hortons then At the Library.
They are my treasure My handsome and My Princess
Fishing hook reminds me of my Papa Ben ,Manong anoy and Manong Tata
Here's Daddy's Beauty and Our Princess

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Girl

Rate this performance at the Sims On Stage

My date wit Pattylu

Our sunday is pretty much a family day for us. But today hubby let me sleep in till 10 am coz we didnt go to church (bad ,bad,Bad) his not feeling good today so he told me to go somewhere and take patty with and that he would appreciate it a lot ...So...there we went to the mall ,Our first stop was their awesome playground and we do a little shopping not much really
This is their latest playground at the mall and she love going there.
It would be so cool for her to have this.
...Then stop at Kita kits sa Mcdo her favorite place to go...iwan ko ba sa toys siguro kaya ganun.