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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pattylu's Gifts


Goofy faces

Mommy I can put some make up for you
Goofy looking girls Pattylu and Annie

mura ko bayot nga nabuntagan

Christmas Day

We really had so much fun this year, Patty is more on Santa , the gifts and she said its Jesus birthday. I woke up Patty and then she asked me Mommy did Santa drink the milk and eat the Cookies ? I told her i don't know so she went in the living room to check if Santa stop by to bring some presents but the first thing she notice was the empty plate and the empty glass , He was here and dropped me presents..

Patty was very good so Santa brought a lot of presents to her, She got Princess Cash register, Baby Alive, Boots , 2 sets of make-ups real and a fake one, A trunk full of dress up gown like a princess, A StarStation with 2 microphones that we can hook up on our tv, Her Princess vanity table with a chair, A thick Princess Story Book, A large Coloring Book with all the Princess Characters, Her look and find Princess book, A diego games and many more

A day of Shopping after Christmas

Photo's before going shopping she got this boots from us..

I have been busy lately with my work yesterday was my day off, Im not in the mood to go anywhere yesterday but when hubby told me i want to get out of the house today , I suggested lets go to the mall , So we did we , end up at Polaris Mall, We went shopping for Pattylu's pants and for mommy too..

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Tonight was one of the most unforgetable Christmas Eve, Pattylu is 3 years old and shes into Santa Claus they other day she was in a panic mode that Santa Stopped at the house and give her a gift..Tonight Steve told her that we need to prepare cookies and milk for Santa. I got home 11:30 and i woke up Steve so we could bring all our presents upstair...Tomorrow morning i cant wait her expression by the time she saw the milk and cookies were gone.. well tell you more guys in my next blog Merry Christmas To all

Cake and Cookies

I was so happy to see my hubby and my daughter today at work, everyone said my daughter is precious and beautiful they even said my hubby is handsome, i was like walking between cloud 9 hearing all those comments about my daughter and my hubby..The reason why they went to work was to bring us the lumpia i made earlier, everyone like my lumpia they said i am a good cook (sorry guys i dont have a picture of my lumpia)..While im away at work hubby and Patty made cookies and cake too..

Having a birthday isn't complete without a birthday cake, Since we are celebrating Jesus birthday , My dear hubby and Pattylu bake this cake for Jesus and cookies to share with my co-workers... they did a good job for baking tonight i am so lucky coz hubby knows how to cook and bake...Love you Dad... here's the picture

Friday, December 21, 2007

Favorite card of the year

Christmas is one of the best time of the year to send cards to everyone you love and care about..I am very picky whenit comes to Christmas cards i want my card that says Merry Christmas not a Happy Holidays..The reason why we are celebrating Christmas? is the birth of our Christ.. This year i got cards from family and friends most are religious type of greeting but my favorite of all is from Our friend The Peterson Family. A very unique card and written by their eldest son John.. If i were his parents i would be proud too for coming up a nice meaning for christmas..
C = Christ was born
H = he was born in Bethlehem
R = Read the bible to learn about him
I = Is the only God
S = Showed the blind how to see
T= Took away all of our sind
M= Made us come alive
A = Always tells the truth, He never lies
S = Saved the sick
Good job John David...Hooray

A Dinner With Jim and Marriane

red wine, cheesecake, turkey, sweet yam, Patty's favorite greenbeans, green salad mashed potato and gravy and biscuits too

We had a simple dinner at our house tonight with Jim and Marriane our neighbor next door. They are always nice to me ever since i got here in Ohio..They are like Pattylu's Grandparents since my hubby's Parents died a couple years ago and mine are still in the Philippines hoping that one day we could be together here..Hubby prepared a turkey dinner which is really good...Oh man my Fireman knows how to cook. Gotta love having a fireman

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A gift from Santa

Her gift from Grandma Ginny and Papa Don our Neighbor
Patty woke me up this morning screaming mommy , mommy, mommy come here, Santa has visited our house lastnight..I asked her what his here , why you say that and she come on mommy i wanna show you but she wanted me to close my eyes keep saying no picking mommy ok while shes taking me to our living room , and finally she said mommy open your eyes and and said surprise ..I saw this gift..Mommy i told you Santa came by to dropped me a present and i told her yes indeed , and she's singing i am a good girl and im gonna tell my dada that i got a present then she stop and said mom can i open it now . i told her No because there will be more presents coming if you wont open it Okey all the people she met she keep saying i got a present from santa.. What a child..dont you love being a child? Love you so much patty lu

Let it Snow

Dada and Patty on a sled while mommy is in the golf cart

As the song goes" the weather outside is Frightful but the Fire is so delightful " for my hubby and patty delightful enough to be outside played with the snow, so me as a pinay dont like cold weather i like snow from a distant or if im inside the house.. I got call off for work too many nurse aide so we went shopping for gifts here and there . When we got home hubby told me to put Pattylu's snow suit so i did and we had so much fun.

My yummy snow and building a snow castle..

Patty's ornament this year

Patty's ornament 2007

One of my husband's family tradition every christmas is to have a new ornament for everyone every year..In our Home we started it 4 years ago ..This year i got Patty a Care Bear ornament since this year she's big on everything that has care bear on it..and for us , Hubby and I we had one from our exchange gift last saturday so here they are..

our ornament 2007

At home on a sunday

Yes my madamme

Seldom on a sunday that we stay home, we are always in church on a sunday and eat lunch afterwards but not last sunday we stayed home since hubby got a fever and muscle aches.. So instead i grabbed patty's nice dresses and took some pictures of' are the samples

a girl in red dress

Patty With Ben and my Pinay friends

Ang Mga Bata nga Ulit og snow

It was saturday when we had our chirstmas party among my pinay friends, the forecast that day was a crummy weather with snow then ice and rain but we still managed to go even if its snowing so hard..As always we really had a good time with Ate sonia's place, we ate a lot of Pinoy food and sing karaoke.. then around 2 we had more snow and bigger flakes so we decided to go outside had a picture taken with patty and ben and the rest of my pinay friends..i felt so bad though because i thought that i already talk to ate sonia about watching patty that evening , but she was surprised when i said we better go ate for a dinner with steve's friends . So i bought Ben an ornament as my sorry offering for what ive done... From left Arlene, ate Lyn, Myself and Joy.

wala sad nagpalupig ang mga pinays oi

Friday, December 14, 2007

Bye Gymnastic and Hello Tap Dance

Well its bye gymnastic for my little girl, she's been in the program for 4 months now and she really enjoy being with her new friends but i think its time to move on then start a new class starting January of next year she will be learning the moves..we enrolled her in tap dance 1 this is just a first step then she will be into ballet class and a piano lessons next year .. I can't wait to see my little Pattylu on her recital.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bought a Village for Mama

Last year i sent pictures to my family in Pinas on how we decorate our house here in the States, Well they saw our big tree so they have to have the big Christmas tree too so my sister Ana bought them a Christmas tree last year., and Mama saw my villages figurines , the cool thing about this.., is that each piece has its own light and it is very nice to see your own villages with kumbaga snow on the ground..each year hubby bought me a new set of a village so i could add it to my next sets for the next Christmas I got a Fish market one, a school and gotta have this fire Station... Mama like what she saw , I kept telling her i will buy you one but i always forget but not today hubby bought her 18 pieces of a village , Im sure she will take care of it.. Im so glad they got my balikbayan box they got their gifts for christmas and tonight i sent them money for mama and Papa , for my brothers Arnold and Bernard...No money for you sisi you got more money than i do...and a digital camera for brother Jr... here's the picture

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well its about time of the year to send our Christmas wishes to our loved ones , friends and toour relatives...I always bought cards as early as after thanksgiving , I saw this customize stamps online so i did ordered stamps from there , I was so pleased with the outcome of my personalized it is guys...sorry i dont include christmas picture of pattylu this year but you have her picture as the stamp.. Cool ha....

Here is the sample of my cards with my new stamps it cost more but hubby and I liked it so much...

A Day with Chucky

As many of you knew that having a full time job means i dont have much time to spend with my mother , will i'll take it back not much of a quality time together, last week i had 1 day off from work so hubby , Pattylu and I went to buy soe of pinoy foods at La herba buena while we where there we stopped an ate and then let her play at chucky cheese's...She had so much fun and here are the pictures that day..
A very Happy girl with Chucky she followed Chucky the whole time.

the most favorite part in Chucky Cheese to see herself infront the Tv Screen

Pretending as Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montana