This is my online journal about my life here in America as a wife,Mother, and as a working woman.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cinderella by Steven Chapman Curtis

This is one of my baby dolls favorite song everytime she heard this on the radio she will say dad and mom please listen this is my song...Its been awhile since the last time we heard this song, we were at Lowes today at their kitchen area and then cinderella came on and she stop and said daddy its my song and she's telling the guy who works there hey its my favorite song . and then she dance like a ballerina at the store..A cute story for my baby doll

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

after her school

First Day of Preschool

First picture before going inside her classroom
Proud Mommy with her babydoll
Daddy outside the classroom
My first art from her first day of class

I am one of the excited mom of the day, Steve and I took our daughter to her school today, Having a unica ija is not really hard but sometimes i asked myself how good she will be in a classroom with 12 kids. She fit in in right away, she never cry she's excited and when we waved goodbye she just smile and then we headed for home.I could'nt remember having a picture taken during first day of my school, will , not here i thought im the only one that brought a camera with me, next thing i knew click, click and more click here and there.. I asked her so many question and she said she had so much fun at her preschool she told me that teacher has her own rules ..and then she showed me her drawing and a red ribbon saying Patty had a great time...