This is my online journal about my life here in America as a wife,Mother, and as a working woman.

Friday, November 23, 2007

After thanksgiving tradition

I took this picture holding her barbie ornament

We started our after thanksgiving tradition 4 years ago now, all it is that we put up our Christmas tree the next day after thanksgiving.. Christmas is my favorite occasion , I was like a little child this morning very excited same with my Pattylu.. So much fun when your doing with your whole family, Pattylu put all the ornaments in the same spot and she will asked me or daddy how it looks Daddy, we always says look good Pattylu but whenever she turn around we will moved the ornament where we want it to be...........................

Lets try and play with it Daddy

They look so sweet father and daughter

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Independent Girl

At the age of 3 Pattylu is now an independent one .Earlier today,,, as i about to put her socks on she told me let me do it i don't need your help ..I was shock but what else i can do, so I let her be..I grabbed my camera to take a picture of her being independent.
I did say to her you did an awesome job Pattylu

she showed me how to put her socks without my help

Thanksgiving day

For us thanksgiving is not all about turkey and stuffing but for us its a day to praise God for all the things he has given us over the years..I am so thankful for having Steve and Pattylu in my life..We thank God for everyday's blessing and good health.. Thanks God also for those people we love backhome.

We always had our thanksgiving dinner with the Shonkwiler's family, they are one of my so called family here in Ohio.. John and Bob Shonkwiler are busy carving turkey's.
Here are the grandkids table with my very own pattylu, at first she dont care with the food coz all she cares is to play with Joey...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wildlights at the Zoo

The weather was nice to be out to see the lights at the wasnt my first but the first time i was there didnt have much fun coz it was too cold for me but lastnight we really had so much fun at the zoo.. As always going to the Zoo wouldnt complete without the carousel ride which Pattylu like the most..she didnt care for ice skating and saw Santa Claus even have a picture taken with him ..

My future nurse....

Patty's playing with my Stetoscope and she's very happy to hear her heartbeat..

As a kid I've dream of becoming a nurse one day but it didn't happen because of financial problem but i am glad that now i be able to do what i want to do to take care of sick or ill people as a nurse assistant Patty always call me a nurse,,this morning while im taking hubby's blood pressure my little girl as me if she could do it too..So i let her use daddy's old stetoscope , she was so thrilled and amazed that she could hear her daddy's heartbeat..I took picture of her while she's pretending that shes getting daddy's BP.....

Here's my Patty taking daddy's BP....Whose next?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tagged by Ice

Tagged by ArlenseI'm tagging: Genalyn, Jonnalyn, Grace Arreza and Michelle

1. How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in my Friendster account i cant remember the exact year and month.

-)2. What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?
Well im inspired blogging for my family backhome so if they cant see me online they can just click my own blog and they know whats happening withus here in the USA and they love to see pictures of Pattylu.

3. Are you trying to make money online, or just doing it for fun? before im doing this for fun but i knew friends that making bucks trough blogging so i did try to make some buck now..

4. Tell me 3 things you LOVE about being online.
1.Talking online with my family and friends.
2. I can blog and share video and pictures to family.
3. I can search anything i want.

.5. Tell me 3 things you STRUGGLE within the online world?
1. its like i dont have enough time even though i spent hours and hours and the computer.
2. hurt my eyes and sometimes i had headache .
3. i forget to finish what im doing once im in my computer.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Granddaughter, Pattylu

Grand daugther is like a flower, such a
pretty sight, They Fill the world with

happiness with beauty and delight,
They give our life new meaning

A breath of spring each day a precious
friend and loved one to share a long the

Diffirent Shades of My pattylu

She think she's a movie star with her sunglass

What a model?

as always she loves her sunglasses

Friday, November 2, 2007

Pattylu as flower Girl

My Pattylu has part of wedding as a Flower girl. In 6 months gap first at Tallacksen wedding 2006 and the second one was The Brooks Wedding.

Jacob and Michelle Brooks Wedding
March 31, 2007

Daniel And Amy Tallacksen Wedding
November 4, 2006
Chicago, IL

Today has been a very busy day for all of us the Baker's. Hubby was rushed to the hospital in the morning , went to pattylu's gymnastic after that had breakfast with Sheryl the Pastor's wife and Izzy, on the way home i got a call from hubby telling me no met him at Grady Hospital from then i knew something was wrong..THanks God that everything went well for my Hubby ..Im always thanful for Pastor Tony and Sheryl for everything im sure we are going to miss you both and the kids..Got home , Hubby need some rest and Pattylu was sleeping so i go ahead and cut our bushes getting ready for winter, i saw 1 bunny and 2 cats hiding from the bushes up front...Later at night while im having my dinner i saw this cats at the back door, looks like they are begging to come inside, then i called Pattylu told her about the cats ,as usual she said she is cute Mommy. May I take her inside Mom and Dad, Dads answered was big NO..Oh but its so cold outside Dad, See the picture she's having so much fun with the cat..

And then she asked me mom i need a milk im thirsty so i gave her milk to my surprised she was trying to feed the cat trough our glass door i am so proud of Pattylu for having such a big heart..She call it the Fluppy Buns..

This picture was taken at our house by Tita Liza the only picture she got on this outfit..Pattylu was over 2 months on this photo.Thanks Liza for the Picture.

Her 2nd beggars night this was taken at our church during Awana. Theme at that Night was Custome party..Her very first taste of what is trick or treating all about..She's not into candies at this point in time. She was more curious of all the custome and stopping saying dada monster , we kept dragging her to the next house.

Year 2006 she was wearing a chicken little outfit. and she was nice twice as best in custome Awana and at prospect halloween night and won a gift card. Its opposite from the last year she's more into candies and still amazed of all the custome..

This year was a fun trick or treat for Patty. We really had so much fun into dressing her ..She went to the BOO at the ZOO, i took her at my work one night and her atthe village..This year its a new thing she said Mommy and Daddy im excited to go to Halloween Town..Every time we drove at the village she will say i love this place my halloween town..Im looking forward what she will say next year coz every year .she has new words that come out on her mind..