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Friday, March 28, 2008

NewPort Aquaruim

Face Painting
I had my day off today so we ended up visiting Newport Aquarium, we got there around eleven its chilly out and its too crowded the line was long, Dottie, Emily , Patty and I went inside to the candy store which Patty go crazy with all the candies she saw, while Tim and Steve line up for our ticket, so we decided to stop at the nearby mall to get warm thats when Patty saw the Build A Bear Store,,,tagam daddy bought her a unicorn which she liked ,named her Leah after her bestfriends name....We saw this face painting inside the aquaruim so patty asked daddy if she could have her face painted like a princess was fun spending time with our Dottie, Tim and Emily...
behind us is the Big Tank
Mom took this picture just for my LOLO BENTOT

Infront of the Mall

Our only child

Her dog as Cinderella

Ive always wanted to have atleast 5 kids but after having C-section i decided that one is enough..I think having one child is the best decision we had, there are advantages like you can send her to a private school , dance lesson, piano lesson and to any curricular activites.One of the disadvantages is that she often play alone, like the other day before i went to work i saw my Pattylu playing tea party with her stuff animals, she dress one of them like cinderella's the picture...
Its time for Tea party hosted by Princess Patty

She put her baby t-shirt on her elmo

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome Baby Kibou...

Picture with one of her Tita
I was so excited when i heard the news that my baby sister is having a baby, 9 months later she had a healthy baby boy name Kibou born on Easter sunday..God has blessed us with so many blessing having a new addition to our family is such an awesome gift from God..I am happy for my sister that she had my Parents,siblings and relatives around her when she had the baby i remembered during i gave birth just me and hubby but a lot of our friends from church was there too and steve's side of the family...All i can say now is.....I am a certified Tita Annie now

Sunday, March 23, 2008

coloring eggs video

Happy Easter Everyone

This picture was takenlast night before going to bed, she was disappointed since we donthave carrots for easter bunny instead we put milk , grapes and oreo cookies for Easter bunny so that the next day he will bring presents for Patty..
With her easter basket filled with goodies...with her Easter dress

A pose with her Charming

Pose with her own Beauty which is her mommy...

Colored Eggs

Easter is all about Jesus..He has risen from the dead today . For kids easter will be a lot of fun if they could color eggs and do some egg hunt.. This year Patty had her egg hunt trough her awana class and one during this morning at church...
Hey dad ...just checking my favorite color....
Shes's holding a blue egg that says ITS A BOY for my sister's new born baby..Born on Easter sunday...Thank you Lord for such blessing..

Tito Chris Birthday

Singing Happy Birthday to Tito Chris

2 weeks ago we went to Tito Chris Birthday ...We had so much fun, after we ate we went sledding with all our's the pictures
Here's the Daddy's with their kids
Patty, Karina and Ben can't wait to blow the candle

OUr pictures with all the mommies and Daddies with Tita Arlene